1971 Clubman Wagon with Australian Doors

1971 Clubman Wagon with Australian Doors


1971 Leyland Clubman Wagon with the coveted Australian roll up windows. Most external hinge cars came with the British style two piece sliding windows. The Australian models were introduced with roll up windows which we can upgrade to power if you desire. This van is a true sport utility Vehicle. Black fabric interior and carpeted load area. Mechanical oil pressure and water temp gauge. 

The original Engine and Transmission have been removed for a planned engine swap.

Front suspension is stock with drum brakes, while the rear suspension has hi-lo set up. 

Wheels are Cooper S steels in black with new Falken tires. The Silver 10” Cosmic wheels in the earlier image are available but not included.

Paint is decent, some nicks in spots and a couple spots need attention like the nose where some paint is chipped. Roof needs to be repainted due to improper preparation and will try to get it repainted at one point. The body is solid and has no apparent rust issues. 

This Clubman is quite unique in so many ways and could be easily transformed into a Super Cooper. Let us know what you would like to see.

Note: The Old English White image is a rendering of what we planned to do with it.

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