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California's Vtec Mini Specialists
Donor Cars


Do you have a donor car? *
We have an assortment of over 20 donor cars available for our conversion. If you need a donor car we can supply one from our collection or help locate one.
Choose your style
Which year mini would you like to have. The earlier cars have the external hinges, 10” wheels and simple interiors. MK3 cars have internal door hinges and a padded dash. We can offer power locks and motorized windows only on the Mk3 model.
Super Cooper engine
There are many factors to consider when choosing the best power plant for your Super Cooper. Each engine option offers a different combination of power, economy, drivability, and cost. If you are unsure of what the best option is for you, we are happy to set up a consultation call. We tailor your Super Cooper to complement your driving style. We only use premium re-built engines in our cars. And can offer additional upgrades to improve performance. The power ratings vary between builds. Every engine is subject to thorough inspection and is test run prior to installation. Engines and transmissions are custom built for each project and come with a 1 year warranty (when configured to OEM specifications.) The following pricing includes standard installation.
Super Cooper S engine
For when “fast”, isn’t fast enough. The Super Cooper “S” Is for those who want performance above all else. By sacrificing the rear seat and cargo area, we are able to build a car capable of going toe-to-toe with some of the biggest names in performance. Available with 2 engine options, each Super Cooper S is tailored to your specific build requirements. The J-series V6 is Hondas answer to everyday performance. Built to meet the high torque demands of heavy sports sedans, the J-series can rocket a Mini to 60 in 4 seconds or less. For the ultimate in speed and power, this engine package pushes the boundaries of what is possible in a street legal, road-going Mini. Each engine is hand built using new, stronger components, with street-to-strip driving in mind. These high horsepower builds require the use of many specially strengthened driveline components, including chromoly axle shafts and a specially built transmission and final drive gear. The Boosted K-Series also requires the use of a programmable ECU and all cars must be dyno tuned prior to completion. The following pricing includes standard installation.
Standard features
➢ Dual circuit hydraulic braking system with adjustable proportioning ➢ 4 piston, billet alloy front brake calipers ➢ Heat dissipating finned rear drum brakes ➢ 2.7 lock to lock rack and pinion steering ➢ Adjustable front control arms ➢ Bilstien fixed-rate shock absorbers ➢ Period correct upholstery and interior trim ➢ OEM style period correct dashboard with smiths instrumentation or OEM style Autometer or SpeedHut gauges. ➢ Front, 3-point retractable safety belts ➢ Heater
Mechanical upgrades
Comfort and Convenience
Wheels and Tires
We offer three wheel sizes. The Classic 10” wheels offer the softest ride while performing well on track. Note these tires require our tallest gear ratios for comfortable freeway driving. We recommend 12" Wheels if you want the larger wheel look while maintaining a smooth ride. The 13" wheels will produce a firmer ride due to their reduced tire height and are not recommended for our comfort builds. 13" wheels and tires are required for our Super-brake package. We Can select a specific tire based on your driving style. Pricing varies.
Wheel Arches
We offer an assortment of color options and themes. Let us know what you fancy.
Styling Packages
The Classic Package maintains the charm and originality with a modern drivetrain and amenities. MK1 Offered with 10” wheels and wood and picket arches. MK3 offered with 12” wheels. The Sport package is offered with upgraded engine, transmission (Limited Slip Differential), adjustable coil Suspension, Sports Pack arches and 13” wheels. The Rally Package is offered with a customizable Monte Carlo Works rally inspired theme including Rally lights, custom dash, wheels, etc. Pricing varies
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