a classic Mini Cooper for the 21st century. 


Whether you have your own mini that lacks the power and reliability of a modern car, or simply want a ridiculously fun commuter you have come to the right place. We specialize in Vtec engine conversions, where we remove the classic mini drivetrain and install a modern Honda motor and transmission. We offer custom interiors, paint and body work, complete engine packages, and ground up restorations. 


Front mounted Honda Vtec engine 

Optional Ecoboost Engine

5 speed transmission

Non extended nose


coil suspension

LED Head lamps

disk brakes

Starting at $30k



Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 1.57.11 PM.png


There are countless engine options but only a handful we recommend.


Our engine lineup starts with the perfectly balanced and light weight Honda civic D16 engine. In our opinion the perfect swap to the antiquated A series drivetrain.

Why the D16?

The Honda Civic our motors come from were able to reach 60mph in just shy of 7 seconds, with an impressive 37/44mpg due to their Vtec technology. With a weight savings of nearly 40% our Super cooper is able to significantly improve upon those figures. Our 130hp D16y8 standard configuration reaches 0-60 in well under 6 seconds and has a fuel economy of nearly 50mpg

Honda Civic D16y8 (Standard) 

We chose this readily available motor for several reasons, first off its all aluminum block and head shaves off 20+lbs from the original A series drivetrain. Its smaller displacement also allows for our A/C upgrade. What it lacks in power it makes up for in balanced weight and stays cool in the corners and hot days. 

Honda B Series (Sport)

The inspiring 160-200hp B Series twin cam engine for the power focused driver. For more power, more speed, and a bit more money, the race proven B Series won't let you down. Our motors and transmissions are professionally rebuilt and come with a 1 year warranty. Note: Electronic A/C now available.


Both engine configurations offer an optional freeway gearing that improves fuel economy as well as reduce engine noise while Driving at higher speeds. OUr transmissions are built specifically for each build. we offer several performance upgrades such as LSD (Limited Slip Differential), and upgradable clutches. Our transmissions are professionally built and come with a 1 year warranty. 



Custom tailored to your specs



This is the MK1 Woodie interior


Factory newton low back bucket seats with matching door cards and carpeting and optional burl wood accents. This is the classic styling with the premium Connolly leather option.


Recaro LX sport seats offer race ready side bolstering and keep you planted in the seat for spirited driving. Including optional matched rear seats and door cards.

Power BMW Seats


Our premium comfort interior option utilizes fine leather and suede with polished aluminum accents. We source high quality BMW power leather seats and match the color to the interior. 




We now offer A/C for select cars. MK3 front Grills are required due to clearance issues. We are developing additional options so stay tuned.